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ANC - The Association of Noise Consultants

Sound Testing North West

Peninsular Acoustics is an independent company specialising in all aspects regarding sound vibrations. We provide consultancy services for new building constructions and extensions for commercial or residential purposes.

The ideal time to get advice regarding vibration and sound proofing is at the planning stage. Your construction site will be assessed by taking all established regulations into consideration, as well as the purpose of use of the finalised project.

It is always important to factor all the relevant existing aspects, particularly when it comes to commercial, hospital, and school buildings. Hospitals for example need good soundproofing, specially when it comes to providing patients with privacy between adjacent rooms. In schools activities taking place in different classrooms will vary, so it is important to have the appropriate type of insulation in place.

The best time to address matters like these is before construction takes place. Doing so will allow for the effective integration of required modifications to your plans. You will also be able to take your time in sourcing the necessary materials while keeping your budget in mind. Some of these added components may come in the form of sound barriers or double glazing for example. Possible internal noises will also need assessment if applicable.

If you require sound testing in North West England, we can comply. We constantly keep up to date with the latest regulations for every situation. While most of our clients are located in the North of England, we are happy to bring our services all over the UK.

We are qualified to provide you with sound insulation testing because we are registered members of ANC (Association of Noise Consultants). We use Norsonic testing equipment to carry out these tests and the results are generally available within 24 hours. Reports and certificates can be issued within five working days.

Most soundproofing and sound insulation materials can be obtained at a fairly good price, due to the many providers who offer their goods at competitive prices. Our company is not tied to any sound proofing suppliers, so we will always offer you unbiased advice for your project.

With 30 years of experience in the field we are time served experts, consistently providing our clients with excellent reliable services.

We can be reached by telephone at 0151 652 6270 during office hours, or you can email us at noise@btconnect.com. In addition, you can fill out a form located on the contact page of our website. This form contains a few basic questions to give us a better idea of the type of services you might need. We look forward to being of service.

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