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Planning & Noise

When a site is chosen for a proposed development it will very likely be exposed to noise from road traffic, rail traffic or industrial noise — or all three, and a set of planning conditions will be imposed on the site.

Those conditions may include a requirement for a noise assessment or a vibration assessment to determine the suitability of the site and to identify any additional work required to attenuate sound e.g. barriers, glazing systems and ventilation.

Common reference Standards for assessment are BS 4142, BS 8233 and BS 6472 with guidance from NPPF and the ProPG.

Once the assessment is completed, a programme of attenuation packages may be necessary to reduce internal noise to reasonable levels.

All of our acoustic assessments, for example, include outline recommendations for glazing and ventilation to meet reasonable standards of internal noise, guided by BS 8233 and/or World Health Organisation guidelines, to meet planning conditions.

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