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So, you’ve got a set of design details and work is under way but is the standard of workmanship likely to let you down when testing time comes around?

We can help with this by preparing on-site checklists which require important details to be signed and dated upon completion. That way, everyone becomes accountable for quality. We can undertake periodic inspections at critical stages of construction to ensure that important design elements are being built correctly and using the correct materials. If critical inspections are carried out at an early stage, mistakes can more easily be corrected and at minimal cost and disruption to the build programme.

Good design and effective workmanship, supported by on-site inspections, are the key elements of what we call ‘expert intervention’. When these are right, you can be confident, as you arrange for the final sound tests, that there will be a successful outcome and the tests will ‘pass’.

Our records to date show a 100% success rate where ‘expert intervention’ has taken place.

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