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ANC - The Association of Noise Consultants
Ecohomes & 'The Code'

EcoHomes is an environmental assessment method for new homes. Assessments should ideally be carried out at the design stage. Every house type on a site is considered, but the award is given for the whole development. This enables developers to use the result to promote whole sites - every house that is part of the site has the same rating.

EcoHomes considers the broad environmental concerns of climate change, resource use and impact on wildlife and balances these against the need for a high quality of life and a safe and healthy internal environment.

Ecohomes Credits can be earned for a commitment to higher levels of sound insulation and through an intensified test programme. 

In April 2007, ‘The Code for Sustainable Homes’ replaced Ecohomes for the assessment of new housing in England. EcoHomes 2006 will continue to be used for refurbished housing in England and for all housing in Scotland and Wales. 

The Code became mandatory in May 2008.

Under ‘The Code’, higher levels of sound insulation are required to earn equivalent credits to Ecohomes but the test regime is the same as for Approved Document E, representing a cost saving for the builder. Sound insulation levels of 8 dB better than ADE are required to earn 4 ‘Code credits’.

To achieve the full complement of Ecohomes or ‘Code’ credits, ‘expert intervention’ is essential. At Peninsular Acoustics, we have the expertise to prepare design statements, construction details and undertake critical inspections to ensure that the full credits are achieved. Sound insulation levels which are 8dB above the normal ADE minimum standard are not really difficult to achieve using our process of ‘expert intervention’.

As an ANC Registered organisation, we are fully qualified to carry out sound insulation testing to Ecohomes or The Code requirements.

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