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Whether your project is a simple flat conversion or a major commercial project, there can be no doubt that ‘getting it right from the start’ is key to a successful project. We call this ‘expert intervention’ as many builders and developers get into difficulty when left to their own devices, or are at the mercy of the suppliers of ‘sound-proofing materials’ whose main objective to to sell their own products.

This ‘expert’ intervention can be as minimal as a drawing review for new-build, or a site visit and a few simple sketches for a conversion project. For bigger projects this can be a full programme of detailed drawings, calculations and specifications, working closely with the architect and other professionals to ensure a successful outcome. We are not connected with any materials suppliers so we will only suggest the materials which we think will best do the job - at the best price!

For residential buildings, the ‘proof of the pudding’ comes when the plots are tested for compliance with Approved Document E (2003) of the building regulations. Failure at this stage can be catastrophic for the builder or developer, yet there is a real chance of failure without ‘expert intervention’.

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